Scalable flow hydrogenation

Our approach can be adapted to other gas-liquid reactions to deliver an advantage.

Technology and Capability

  • Pumps covering a typical range of
    50μl per minute to over 200ml per
    minute up to pressures of 400 bar
  • Heating equipment, including Huber Unistats, covering temperature ranges of -40 to over 400ºC
  • ReactArray 215SW robotic reaction workstation, running 10 independent reactions
  • Options to demonstrate processes at 800ml/min
  • Statistical factorial design (DOE)
  • Unique photochemical and hydrogenation equipment
  • Comprehensive analytical resource with GC and HPLC instrumentation
  • UV, PDA, ELSD, FID and NPD detection
  • Specialist equipment for assessing work-up solutions such as evaporation, distillation, counter current extraction
  • Access to NMR instrumentation
  • Access to engineering prototyping facilities


Suppliers of fine chemical intermediates may want to differentiate themselves when labour, overheads and raw material prices can’t go any lower. We have commercial and manufacturing experience of industry. A more detailed explanation of our offering can be found here.

IntensiChem can offer more efficient processes which may not be achievable in batch or semi-batch mode. IntensiChem’s ethos is that one approach does not fit all. Each process should be individually assessed and a bespoke reactor developed for it to deliver the best process rather than finding something that happens to fit. Inevitably, this can end up being cheaper than purchasing off-the-shelf flow equipment for the laboratory, due to scale up becoming easier.

If a proof of concept can be demonstrated by us, we will always have scalability in mind so we can take your process forwards.
Process development by a vendor or partner will naturally funnel towards conditions that best utilise their equipment. Our aim is to develop the best process for you, not to sell you expensive scale-up equipment (versatile laboratory reactors can be found in our WebHub).
This helps to keep overall process development costs down.

We are not vendors, so can focus on conditions that optimise your process, rather than constraining them to work within equipment parameters in early studies. However, if there is an off-the-shelf solution available or an exotic reactor is needed, we would make you aware of it to give you the choice.

Flow chemistry also partners well with statistical factorial design. We can show where the optimal regions for your process are, as well as the sharp drops and more importantly, the interactions. Two and three level factorials are not the only designs available to use.

We also have the analytical expertise to undertake method development to support customer projects.
All of this is offered with reasonable price terms.