Products & Innovation

Products and Innovation

Photoinitiated flow bromination and HBr removal

IntensiChem appreciate that the best way to run a reaction is not always available to purchase. If it doesn’t exist, we believe it can be developed, rather than, “it can’t be done”.

High Temperature with High Pressure

We have experience of using pressure not only to maintain gases in solution, but also to utilise low boiling materials more effectively. We have done this for material with a boiling point of <60°C and performed the reaction at 450°C.

We have ideas and equipment for reductions, cleaner oxidations,  alternative photochemical approaches, electro-organic reactions and microwave options that may confer benefits over existing techniques.
We are also happy to discuss reactions requiring heterogeneous catalysis as this lends itself to the application of a fixed bed.

IntensiChem’s approach is to use the best technique, combining chemistry and technology to deliver the best process.