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Since the article, IntensiChem has secured UK and US contracts.

Ollie Tames

After receiving a degree in Automatic Control and Systems Engineering from the University of Sheffield, Oliver joined the pharmaceutical industry in 1995. He originally joined as an analytical chemist in the raw materials section of the Quality Operations department. During his time with the Quality Operations group, he completed an HNC in chemistry and a level 2 course in analytical chemistry (the ACOL programme). He subsequently went on to undertake a programme of study with the Open University, successfully completing degree level physical and organic chemistry modules.

Oliver moved to the Chemical Process Improvement Laboratory in 2001, where he learnt the skills necessary for pharmaceutical chemical process development. Due to his analytical background, he took on the role of Process Analytical Technology Champion for the manufacturing site in 2004. With an active interest in industrial chemistry, engineering and process control, his aptitude for manufacturing technology matured. In 2006, Oliver additionally took on the role of Manufacturing Technology site champion and in 2007, he was awarded the company’s  ‘Global Technology and Innovation award’ to recognise his efforts in continuous photochemistry and wet milling.

In 2008, Oliver joined the global manufacturing development group. During this time he continued to champion continuous flow manufacturing and sat on the global new technology steering team, which had responsibility for the company’s global manufacturing technology strategy.

Oliver remains committed to the further development of flow process technology for the pharmaceutical and fine chemical manufacturing sectors, co-founding IntensiChem with Mark Bratt. Topics of interest include photochemistry, high pressure chemistry (hydrogenation, amongst other techniques), electro organic chemistry and electromagnetic effects (including microwaves) and their applicability to process scale chemistry.