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IntensiChem – Minimising risk, complexity and cost; maximising quality and efficiency

IntensiChem develop bespoke scalable chemical flow processes. We have extensive experience in developing or improving commercial manufacturing processes.
We use flow chemistry (also known as process intensification or continuous processing) to create novel processes. We also redevelop non-viable or poorly performing batch reactions into efficient processes.
The result is that more economic and shorter synthetic sequences can be produced.

We can give your laboratory flow process somewhere to go.

One of our clients, Cambridge Display Technology Ltd, said the following:

“IntensiChem gave us a professional and high quality service using their process flow technology expertise. They delivered on an innovative project for us, in this example a challenging route using un-conventional chemistry. We would recommend them and will consider using their skills in the future”

Commercial differentiation: Commercial advantage

A flow approach will benefit processes using the following:


We have immediate capability from μl/min to 200ml/min. Flow reactors can utilize reaction space simply not possible in batch processes. They also enable safer operation when exceeding solvents’ boiling points.
One reactor will not cover all possible variations, so we aim to tackle any problem from first principles.
Continuous processing can enable more economic and higher yielding processes, both in the laboratory and in production. Commercial flow reactors are cheaper, can be automated and are more consistent than batch reactors.
Scalability: we start in the laboratory and develop the best way to scale-up the process for commercial purposes.
Whether you deal with fine and speciality chemicals, agrochemicals or the pharma sector, if you want a competitive advantage that differentiates your company in a crowded market – consider a flow process developed by IntensiChem.

If our novel flow processing appeals to you, please contact us.


Why IntensiChem?

We have a complementary blend of skills sets and established but varied experience of the pharmaceutical industry at the commercial end. Our overall background is in process research and development for manufacturing in the pharmaceutical industry, but translates well to all chemical manufacturing sectors.

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IntensiChem’s ethos is that one approach does not fit all. Each process should be individually assessed and a bespoke reactor developed for it to deliver the best process rather than finding something that happens to fit. Inevitably, this can end up being cheaper than purchasing off-the-shelf flow equipment for the laboratory, due to scale up becoming easier.

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